Digital Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Psychedelics — The Next 10 Years Are Going to Be Interesting Indeed

Colin O'Donnell
2 min readMar 24, 2023

We are rapidly approaching the most important transition in human history and several factors are coming to shake the collective belief system that we’ve been laboring under and enable the transition to a new way of existing.

Those key factors are:

1) The coming economic collapse brought on by the shift from physical cities to digital cities and the resulting shift in value. We will move from value attributed to physical locations -commercial and residential properties- which held a monopoly on access to physical resources that are now being digitized and made available everywhere- particularly employment, culture, and information.

2) The Artificial Intelligence ascension will result in the obsolescence of millions of jobs and the increased availability of information, content and digital resources and the movement from a finite number of resources to an infinite universe of resources.

3) We’re going to need a way to track and manage this expansive digital universe in a digitally native way that won’t be controlled by an individual, a company, or a state. That’s where the blockchain comes in. NFTs, Crypto currencies and distributed ledgers aren’t get rich quick schemes — they are new ways of collectively managing large complex systems

4) And if we’re stuck in the way of thinking that’s been handed down for hundreds or thousands of years, we will not be able to manage the transition that we are experiencing as a society. We need to let go of the old beliefs, power structures, and the physics of society that we have taken for granted as the only way to live. That’s why we are seeing the rise of psychedelics and consciousness expanding practices. It’s necessary for us to break out of our old mold of thinking to embrace this moment of massive change.

In short, an economic collapse is going to shake up the structure of society throwing up the pieces of the chessboard and creating the opportunity for change. AI will come in to create an infinite amount of digital goods and services moving from the finite to infinite and from scarcity to abundance. A decentralized and fully digital system is needed to be able to track and manage this new universe of digital goods and services. And the adoption of psychedelics will allow us to tolerate and embrace this incredible metamorphosis — not just to survive, but to evolve and thrive.

Exciting times indeed.



Colin O'Donnell

Thinking about the coevolution of people, technology, and cities. CEO at former founder at Intersection/ LinkNYC/ Control Group